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Nov 19, 2004 08:13 AM

what do I do with Bijol?

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I must have bought this on a trip (to Miami?) and do not know what to do with it.

Condiment Bijol. Corn, Flour, Cumin, Yellow no. 5, Red no. 40 and Annatto.

From Bijol and Spices, Inc. in Miami

Any help will be appreciated from this kitchen in Tokyo! Am hoping I can make something Mexican with this....

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  1. I think though i am not sure.....Someone may prove otherwise.....That you can use it to make yellow rice, I maybe totally off base so let's see if someone has something else to say.....

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    1. re: No Saffron

      arigato! will give it a shot. sounds like something I may be able to try with paella? rice? chicken and rice? thank you very much for putting me in the right direction....

      1. re: Yukari Pratt

        Thank you for the suggestions! Had a small dinner party tonight and did the rice with the Bijol. Gorgeous color and delicous! Arigato from Tokyo!

    2. "bijol" is a coloring used to make yellow rice in the caribbean and mexico.It has annato in it (a seed that produces a red/yellow color when you fry it -also used to color yellow cheeses cheese)which has its own mild flavor, but since the bijol also has food coloring, Im not sure how much flavor the annato actually provides. A little, I guess. So think yellow rice and beans, or chicken.

      1. I purchased it in Miami also, I was married to a cuban and that is what we used to make our rice yellow. You just need a pinch in the water to color the rice.

        Since I live in OK, I now have to purchase it online because our stores don't have it here.

        Good luck, try it, you'll like it.