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Have a big bunch of it, and am very partial to it as an herb. Any thoughts on a recipe that would feature it?

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  1. Really easy and so delish...Chicken Louisa, link below...this recipe uses 2 Tablespoons of fresh tarragon.

    Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

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      I love tarragon in chicken salad - I make it with chicken breasts, mayonaise, celery, toasted walnuts and chopped fresh tarragon. Maybe a little lemon juice and finely chopped onion if I feel like it.

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        Publix grocery stores down here in FL sell a very decent chicken tarragon salad...has sliced almonds rather than pecans in it but very similar to what you are describing...it really is delicious for a store-bought salad! Chicken and tarragon just go so well together.

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          I make this same salad without the walnuts, add in water chestnuts sometimes, and dill as well.

      2. Although it won't use much, this is a must for me when I have fresh Tarragon.
        Make Colbert butter. I use a recipe from the Joy of cooking. Don't have it with me but can post it later if you want.
        It is absolutely fantastic on a grilled porterhouse.

        1. Bearnaise sauce, of course.

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            Absolutely. Bernaise is good on fish, steak, eggs, artichokes, etc. Make a bunch.

            Also, steaming artichokes with tarragon or dipping in tarragon butter is really good. Artichokes and tarragon are a great flavor match.

            And, tarragon butter will freeze well, too.

          2. New York Times cookbook has a chicken tarragon recipe that been a staple in our house for years. Chicken breasts dredged in flour, browned, removed from pan, make a roux with leftover flour, tarragon, then add white wine, broth. Cook covered, remove chicken then add cream and a little butter. Mmmm. If you'd like measurements, let me know.

            1. Boil up a pot of red potatoes, drain the water, add a big lump of butter, salt and pepper, and torn up leaves of tarragon - stir a bit to meld. A revelation!

              1. You might add a bunch of it to som eplain white wine vinegar and let it infuse and become tarragon vinegar. Lovely for salad dressings.

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                  abdul alhazred

                  try sauteeing some chix breasts in butter, spinkle on chopped taragon, then finish pan with some dry white wine

                  1. Add a big handful of fresh tarragon to a bottle of dry vermouth and refrigerate. In around 2 weeks you have the greatest cooking wine ever. Use in chicken, beef and fish dishes. Also good as a splash in creamy soups. Keep refrigerated.

                    1. Sear scallops in butter and olive oil. Remove from pan and deglaze with white wine, add fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper, and tarragon. Add in just a few splashes of cream. Return scallops to pan to marry the flavors.

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                        Pork chops - Olive oil, salt, pepper, Dejon, crushed red pepper, honey and tarragon - One of the world's best herbs!

                        Marinade 3-4 hrs and cook on charbroiler. Works jsut as well with shrimp and chicken

                      2. i make pink grapefruit and tarragon sorbet