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Nov 18, 2004 06:03 PM

What New Cookbook Do You Want For Holidays?

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Some people give and get cookbooks for the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Chanuka/Kwanza holidays.

I just bought Frank Stitt, Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson's new cookbooks.

Which cookbook would bring a huge smile to your face this holiday, should you receive it? Just curious to know what new cookbooks other people are eagerly awaiting.

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  1. "Marcella Says"

    1. Rather than wait, I just bought "A Blessing of Bread: The Many Rich Traditions of Jewish Bread Baking Around the World," by Maggie Glezer. I just took a baking class with her at King Arthur. The book is fantastic and so was the class.

      1. Breath of a Wok

        1. technically, it's not a cookbook but I'm looking forward to getting hold of Harold McGee's On Food & Cooking. Lots of good information about cooking and about the foods we cook with.

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          1. re: gordon wing

            This was #1 on my Christmas List!

          2. I have over 200 cookbooks, but haven't been buying much new lately. Instead, I've been buying the oldest cookbooks I can find. So anything recent would be a nice change. I would like to try out Nigella Lawson's How to Eat. I also don't have any of Jane Grigson's books. But if someone wanted to make me giddy Christmas morning, Francois Payard Simple Sensational Desserts would be the winner. His shop had some of the best pastries I've ever tasted.