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Nov 18, 2004 04:30 PM

Can you freeze fresh herbs?

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I always buy a bunch of herbs like cilantro, mint, or sage, and then they just wilt in my fridge and go bad. I have heard people say they freeze them - can you freeze any time of fresh herb, and for how long? Or do they turn into the equivalent of dried herbs? Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Some herbs you can freeze, others you can't. Don't even try with basil. Parsley and cilantro do freeze well, just chop them first. I try to use fresh when sprinkling on cold dishes, but if throwing in a sauce, or tossing with hot pasta, they are fine. With the pasta, throw them in ten seconds before the end, so the heat can melt away any residual iciness. I put chopped mint into the freezer for the first time tonight - just checked, looked and tasted fine.

    1. Another way to do this is to put the herbs in the comparments of an ice cube tray, cover them with water, and freeze. They just add a cube or two to your dish. I am leery of freezing bare leaves, lest you end up with mush when they defrost.

      1. You can freeze them, but they will not revive to "fresh" in appearance because of the moisture on them. Use in cooking and the flavor intensity will be the same as fresh and not as concentrated as dried.

        1. you can freeze any herb, including basil. they all turn kinda dark and don't look the fresh green plant they used to be when thawed. but like the others have said they are great in hot dishes. also, try treating your fresh herbs like a live plant or like freshly cut flowers. by this i mean, snip the ends of the stems when you bring them home from the grocery and put them in a glass of water, just like you would fresh flowers. they stay for about a week in a window sill or table or up to 2 weeks in the top refrigerator door shelf. i've been able to keep cilantro for 12 days using the fresh flowers method and other herbs longer than that.

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            cool, good idea. thanks!

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              cool, good idea. thanks!