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Nov 18, 2004 02:12 PM

Ideas for green side dishes for Thanksgiving?

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I've been planning my big Thanksgiving meal for a long time now. I already have my ususal suspects lined up, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing etc. But I'm still lacking in the "green" catagory. I don't want brussle sprouts, and I don't want creamed anything. I'm not talking about salads or squashes. I really want something in the color of green.

Any ideas??

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  1. You have probably already thought of this but I think green beans would be perfect. Saute them with some garlic (or not) and have a simple sidedish.

    The only other green vegetable I can think that is not on your list is zuchini which would also be good. You can saute zuchini in som eolive oil and then sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese over it (let hte cheese toast a bit as well). This is my variation of a zuchini and parmesan casserole type dish I think I found on epicurious, if you are interested.

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      Saute spinach with raisens & pine nuts

    2. I second the recommendation for green beans, although I would probably saute with some shallots instead.

      Another option would be broccoli- either steamed with some butter or roasted (but oven space is always a consideration on Thanksgiving.)

      Definitely not spinach- it has too much flavor.

      You could also do steamed peas and mint.

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        Another good topping for broccoli is lemon pepper. After steaming, add some butter and lemon pepper (maybe some salt) to taste. Not sure how lemony fits with the rest of your Thanksgiving menu, but it's easy and good.

        Have you tried broccolini? It's a cross between regular broccoli and Chinese broccoli. Really good but more expensive. This in itself would be something different for Thanksgiving. It's good with lemon pepper as well.


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          Do you blanch the broccolini briefly and dunk in cold water and then saute in olive oil and garlic?
          Or go right to saute with raw vegetables?

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            For broccolini, I throw it in boiling water for a second just to heat it up. Then I drain it, throw a pat of butter on there, season it and eat it. Still crunchy and hot. I think you could go right to the saute without blanching it.

      2. I just thought of aspargus although it's not seasonal.

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          I always serve aparagus. It may not be seasonal but its always available.

        2. Here's a link to a very nice recipe for green beans with roasted making it again this year by popular demand...ALSO, how about a tossed salad? I have tossed salad with Thanksgiving all the time (well, we have fresh greens every night too, living in FL, it's easy to do with fresh tomatoes year round) because I can't stand all the brown dishes on the table!


          1. How about kale? It's so easy to prepare. Wilt it and add a little lemon juice.

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              Second kale, though I do more than wilt it. I separate stalks from leaves, chop stalks crosswise (1/4" or so), boil 5 minutes, add leaves, boil another 4-5 minutes, drain. Then toss with lemon- or garlic- (or both) butter, or chopped bacon and garlic sauteed in a little oil or butter. Kale has a clean mineraly flavor that's a good contrast to the rich and sweet dishes. And it sure is green.