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Nov 18, 2004 02:10 PM

Has anyone used La Caja China?

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A friend of mine just purchased a pig roaster called "La Caja China". It is supposed to be modeled after what Chinese immigrants use to cook a whole pig in Cuba. Has anyone used one before? What was your experience?

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  1. We used one to roast a whole pig for a Chowhound fundraiser in Los Angeles a couple of months back. They work great. (Perhaps Professor Salt still has photos he can link to...?)

    If you want a good introduction, I would suggest you go to the company's website (linked below) and read the magazine articles they have posted there.

    Link: http://www.lacajachina.com

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    1. re: David Kahn
      Professor Salt

      Yes I do, David. Click below for photos

      Link: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/profess...

      1. re: Professor Salt

        Does the meat have any smoke flavor at all?

        1. re: Ilaine
          Professor Salt

          It doesn't. The caja china is an outdoor oven, with the coals cooking atop a steel pan that forms its top. Because this top seals off the box, no smoke penetrates the inside.

          However, the caja roasts meat beautifully and yields gorgeous, crunchy pork skin, all in just over 3 hours' time (this pig, dressed and butterflied, weighed 85 pounds). That skin was the best part of the pig!

        2. re: Professor Salt

          So, totally, jealous!! Absolutely beautiful.

        3. re: David Kahn

          Where is the best place to get a whole pig in Los Angeles?

          1. re: David Kahn

            Where is the best place to get a whole pig in Los Angeles?

            1. re: Wonner

              Probably best to repost this query on the appropriate regional board.

              Link: http://tomness.blogspot.com

              1. re: Wonner

                Owen's Market will order one for you.