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Nov 18, 2004 07:55 AM

Why is my egg salad wet?

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I love deli egg salad. Nubby textured with no big hunks of egg, just really finely chopped up bits. And almost a dry consistancy - not really dry, but dry enough to scoop up with an ice cream scoop and hold it's shape, you know? MY egg salad, on the other hand is WET! I use hard boiled eggs, Miracle Whip, yellow mustard, salt and pepper. I try to keep it as dry as possible, but it becomes wetter and wetter as it sits. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thank you so much!! Kim

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  1. It is probably the MW and also using too much of it. Try using real mayo and start with about half as much as you think you are going to need. You can always add a little more but it is hard to take out when you have put in too much. I use Hellman's and my egg salad is always light and fluffy. You might try adding a bit of minced onion and I like to crisp up some bacon and add that to my E S too.

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      i know that for some reason, in egg salad, fat free miracle whip breaks down after a relatively short time and leaves a pool of liquid at the bottom of the container of egg salad. not as much of/at all a problem with miracle whip light or regular miracle whip.

      i suspect the level of dryness of the hard boiled egg yolks has a major part to play, too.

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        I thought it would go without saying, you must use Hellan's Mayo.

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        Just one more thing--make certain your eggs are cold, not warm when you make the salad.

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          Very cold and totally dry on the surface. I never boil my eggs either. Put the eggs in the pan, add cold water to cover. Bring to a boil and turn the heat off. Let stand 15 minutes. Drain, shake pan to crack the shells, cover with ice and cold water and let stand. Shell and dry thoroughly. I then chop coarsely and then I use a potato masher to cut up the eggs for the salad. It is one that has a grid design to it, not the wavy sort. It produces very light fluffy eggs for the salad.

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          I agree, you have to add a lot less mayo than you think, it should be the consistancy of wet cement, I don't know how else to describe it.

        3. how old is the egg salad? the deli egg salads are probably (hopefully!) made fresh daily. Time may be working against you.

          1. Add salt at the point of eating. Not at the point of making.

            1. I had the exact same problem - here is the solution.

              1) Make sure you are only getting mustard and not the pre-mustard water. Or use dry mustard and mix with the mayo before mixing with egg salad.

              2) Make sure that the eggs are peeled and bone dry before slicing/chopping/grating.

              3) THIS IS REALLY THE KEY: Wash the celery ahead of time and then dry it completely. Chop the celery ahead of time on a chopping board. Drain off all of the excess water and then spread the celery thin and evenly over the chopping board (or onto a second if necessary) and then leave out for an hour or two. Some of the liquid will evaporate.

              This ought to do it.

              Also, refrigerators are naturally dehydrating. If after a day or two the egg salad gets a little damp (it shouldn't if you follow the above), spoon out excess water and then leave it uncovered in the refrigerator for a day or so. Mix it every few hours. It doesn't do wonders for your fridge smell, but it works.

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                It also might help if you use dry mustard rather than the prepared stuff.

              2. Thank you so much everyone - I will try all the ideas, even - sigh - abandoning my beloved Miracle Whip ;)! Kim

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                  Do you make sandwiches with it? If they're fresh-made you can always spread some MW on the bread. I only like MW with egg salad so I know where you are coming from. Another sweet add-in I like is sliced sweet pickles.