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Nov 18, 2004 06:51 AM

Menu ideas for the Caribbean

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I live on one of the ABC's and all foods are imported. I need to cook in more (and eat out less) but need some basic recipes that are healthy, lower carb and can be cooked on one burner or a crock pot.

Chicken and basic veggies are readily available as is fish and meats.

I do a lot of soups with chicken, okra and veggies, al ot of pastas and stir fries. I need some creative juices going and would love some Chowhound. Thanks.

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  1. For one:

    Stir fry one chicken breast, cubed
    Add some sugar snap peas or diced asparagus and stir fry until al dente
    Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of orange juice and 1/2 small garlic clove, crushed
    Keep stirring
    splash with balsamic vinegar
    Add more butter
    Salt to taste

    Serve with a side of salad greens with orange segments, diced green onion, a bit of feta cheese, and candied pecans - creamy balsamic dressing

    Dessert: sliced oranges sprinkled with shreds of coconut and ginger cookies

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