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Nov 17, 2004 07:21 PM

Question about cooking duck breasts

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I'm planning on serving duck breasts for a small dinner party (four people). My husband and I usually manage to share one largish duck breast, but I'm going to have one per person for the dinner party. Question: Can I cook them, at least partially, ahead of time? All the grease that results in cooking duck breasts in my cast iron skillet is a daunting thought. The thought of two in one skillet is almost scary, grease-wise.

Maybe I should abandon the duck breast idea and come up with something else. But they are soooo good and my guests would be so appreciative

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  1. the duck brests i buy from hudson valley foie gras
    have almost no fat at all...trim it off if there is a lot and render it (if you dare) and then you'll be able to make duck fat french fries! to die for!
    we've cooked them med. rare and reused left overs a few days later with no problem. (bugsy)