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Nov 17, 2004 05:11 PM

duck eggs

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I found some fresh duck eggs at my local co-op this afternoon. (hooray for local co-ops)

What are the best ways of preparing them to bring out their specifically ducky goodness?

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  1. If you're adventurous, make Chinese salted duck eggs: they are marvellous with rice or congee!

    Boil 4 cups of water to which 2 cups of rock salt have been added, let water cool, soak eggs in salt bath for about a month - don't refrigerate. The salt will preserve the eggs. Then simmer the eggs under low heat for about 15 mins, yolks should be completely set. Peel and slice - they are heavy and probably shouldn't be eaten whole.

    Happy eating, yum! Fresh duck eggs prepared this way are exquisite.

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      If you do make the salted duck eggs than maybe you would like to make a Chinese steamed egg custard.

      Take on salted duck egg yolk(and white if it is not too salty and you are not worry about salt intake), one or two chicken eggs and a perserved duck egg (the are kind of black in color). Whip the chicken egg add a little water and/or chicken stock with some scallions chopped, dried shrimp, soaked dried scallops and anything you like.

      Steam until set and kind of firm and serve with line of oyster sauce over the top.

      This can be called steam three egg custard. In fact once for fun we a five egg custard. The other two were dried shrimp eggs and turtle eggs.

    2. Make fried (duck) eggs using duck fat. Seriously yummy.