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Nov 17, 2004 11:11 AM

Whipped Butter - how???

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Hi everyone, I want to have whipped butter at the table for the big holiday dinner. But I am not sure about how to do it. I have a KitchenAid stand mixer so I am set on the equipment side I think.

- unsalted butter at room temperature?
- do I need any other ingredients?
- what is the ratio of unwhipped vs whipped butter?
- can I make it a day ahead and keep it in the fridge?
- what are some good additions into the butter, e.g. herb, garlic?

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  1. Take heavy whipping cream and whip it with the whip attachment. Whip it good. It will go from soft peaks to hard peaks to whipped butter. You can also add herbs, spices, etc. this way. Adding horseradish and lemon zest makes a nice accompaniment for fish. Add this stuff at the hard peak stage.

    1. yes, you're right. this is called maitre de butter in culinary school. room temp and just whip it up slightly. you can add any kind of citrus juice (about 1 tablespoon per stick), zest, herbs, anchovies, ground nuts, minced garlic, molasses, honey, and i could go on and on. we used to roll it in plastic wrap into logs and freeze it for forever and then slice it for melting ontop of meats or fish. you can also put it in a pastry bag with your favorite tip and pipe it into cute little shapes onto a cookie sheet and chill until hard.