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Nov 17, 2004 10:34 AM

So, do you own a Magic Bullet?

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The infomercial seems to be luring me to buy. I need a blender anyway. Any good or another useless gadget?

I like the fact that it is compact and seems easy to clean.



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  1. I have one and I do love it. but... the bullet itself is compact, but with all the accessories storage is an issue, so i keep all the pieces in the rather large box it comes in, in a closet.
    I use it for salsas, quacamole, cheesecake, mousse, fruit sauces,cole slaw, frappacinos. I'm finding new uses constantly. it's quick and efficient, and easy to
    clean, never use my blender or mini chopper anymore.

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      ChowFun (derek)

      Here's an link with customer ratings/opinions