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Nov 16, 2004 11:40 PM

your best chocolate cake recipes

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hi, i'm having a serious hankering for really good chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting. can you recommend some favorite tried-and-true recipes? thanks!

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  1. To me, this is the grand daddy of 'em all...EPI's Double Chocolate Layer Cake...people MOAN & groan when they taste it. Some tips:

    1. the Callebaut chocolate is not a MUST for this to come out some of the reviews...I've used Ghirardelli semi-sweet morsels (so you don't have to do all that chopping) with great success...I probably would not use store brand chocolate though!

    2. It calls for 2 - 10" cake pans, which is an unusual size...if you use 9" or 8" pans, make sure you use 3 of them...this makes a ton of batter and a huge cake!!!

    3. I usually have to put the ganache frosting in the fridge or freezer for a just little while to get it thick enough to apply to the cake.

    The ganache frosting is absolutely heaven on a plate and this cake stays moist for days. Enjoy!


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      I second the double chocolate cake from Epicurious. It is absolutely delicious! I made it for my sister-in-law's birthday and the whole table was in heaven! I have used both the expensive chocolate and Trader Joe's chocolate chips and I honestly can't tell the difference. I even tested it out on true chocolate lovers and they couldn't tell the difference either. The ganache frosting is easy to spread and probably the best frosting I have ever had. I also made it in 3 8-in cake pans and it was perfect. Enjoy!

      1. re: Erin

        thanks so much! this recipe sounds fantastic, i LOVE ganache and prefer it to a buttercream. can't wait to try it out!

      2. re: Val

        I concur that it is the "ultimate" chocolate cake! The only problem is that it's a lot of cake!

        1. re: Butters

          Yeppers...that's why I only make it when I can give most of it away, i.e., special occasion at work, having lots of company, etc.

          1. re: Butters

            not a problem! i love chocolate cake so much i can just see myself making it and inhaling it all myself yummmmmmmmm... :)