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Nov 16, 2004 03:14 PM

good wood to cook leg of lamb with

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Going to slow cook a leg of lamb in my kettle. Will build the fire with coals and wood but Im not sure which one to use. The leg will be wrapped in an anchoive paste and pancetta and I will have a drip underneath to catch teh juice to make a sauce with so I am looking for something more subtle in terms of the woods flavor.

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  1. I would just go with the charcoal with your planned preparation.

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    1. re: Tom Hall

      i thought maybe a more wilder wood would work like pecan. I have only used oak,mesquite hickory and apple. I was thinking maybe pecan . . . ? or something mild?

      1. re: blackbookali

        Pecan would be my vote - subtle, slightly sweet. I might nix the anchovy crust though as it might fight with the smoke taste. Or, use hardwood charcoal (we have a brand called Lazzari on the West Coast) if you really want that coating.

        Happy cookin'!

        1. re: Susan

          I agree that pecan is mild and sweet. I, too, think it will conflict with the avchovy type preparation.

        2. re: blackbookali

          ....cherry and oak with lamb. Quite delicious.

          Alternatively, I have some lovely cross-cut slices of apple branch that I sometimes layer in the smokebox with fresh thyme and marjoram from the garden. It's slower to smoke, and gives a heady, almost incense-like fragrant, great for lamb with a curry marinade, either Thai or Indian.