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Nov 16, 2004 10:08 AM

Vegetarian Dilemma – What to Serve With 1979 Château Palmer

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My boyfriend has a few remaining wines from his once grand collection and he wants to share this bottle with me, a vegetarian. I’d like to prepare something appropriate. Is it even possible?

I was thinking that for him to fully enjoy this, we should consider bringing the wine to a restaurant and risking the corkage fee. That way he could enjoy lamb or beef. I did offer my kitchen so he could prepare his own, but he doesn’t want to sully my kitchen, though I have reassured him it would be no trouble.

So, I am stuck trying to figure out a meal worthy of this wine. Now what? One more fly in the ointment – he despises mushrooms.

My thanks in advance, dear Chowhounds.

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  1. Do you eat cheese? If so, how about a selection of cheeses and, maybe, a vegetable terrine -- with no mushrooms, of course. (Part of me is dying to ask, What kind of wine lover doesn't enjoy mushrooms?)

    1. I second the cheese plate idea. If you think of a typical trip to a place like Artisinal the whole joy is enjoying a great wine with relatively simple fare such as some fruit, a selection of great breads, a little salad and superb cheeses. That way the wine really becomes the centrepiece.

      If you really insist on having it with a meal, I was thinking something like an excellent lasagna (I make one with pureed carmelized onions, spinach and ricotta as the filling), might be hearty yet complex enough to match, though some may think the acidity in the tomato might not be the ideal match.

      1. Take him somewhere where he can enjoy it with meat. Some restaurants will even prepare a special meal around a bottle of wine.