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Nov 15, 2004 07:38 PM

brining and frying turkey

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hello. I've read lots of posts about brining turkey and last year I had a great experience frying my turkey. I wanted to combine these two tactics (brining and frying) and I was wondering if any one had any experience with this? Was it successful? Do you have any tips/suggestions/advice? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I did it last year and it worked out really well. Basically, the brining took care of the injecting step. To me, that's easier. I still did the rub on the outside before frying.

    I made a typical bring (recipe not important), but I added a "sage tea" and cayenne, etc. The sage took to the meat really well, but the cayenne (powder) didn't so much - it wasn't extremely spicy on the inside as you would get with injecting. I may try more cayeene this year.

    1. Brine for 8-12 hours, then take it out, drain it and pat it dry and let it sit uncovered in your fridge overnight. The skin will dry out so you'll get less spattering and will be SUPER crispy and good. If you fry a turkey without the air-drying step, make sure you drain it well and pat it dry inside and out or it will spatter like crazy.

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        Good point - that happened to me last year. I'll take your advice, but that means I need an additional day of planning!