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Nov 15, 2004 03:44 PM

Red cabbage recipe

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My German sister-in-law is making duck and spaetzle for Thanksgiving, and asked me to fix a red cabbage dish to go with it. Anyone have a recipe to share?


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  1. This was delicious, especially with the addition of thickly-sliced garlic, very lightly sauteed. Skip the kielbasa, add garlic and a higher proportion of apples.


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      Here is another one I really like -- I've been making it out of Delia Smith's book for years -- it's cooked far less so has some crunch to it.


    2. There is a particularly wonderful recipe in Patricia Well's Bistro book. It uses a bottle of red wine in the braise. It has been good with duck and spatzle. E-mail me if you don't have the book and need the recipe.

      1. I've used Jasper Whites recipe from his " Cooking New England"(?) cookbook. It's a sweet and sour one. It includes rasberry vinegar, brown sugar, apples, bacon etc. cooked in the oven then finished off (thickened) with a raw, grated potato after you pull it out of the oven. . Easy, delicious and foolproof.