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Nov 15, 2004 03:16 PM


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A friend gave me about five pounds of moose the other day. Other than just pretending it's venision, I have no clue as to how to cook it. Suggestions would be highly appreciated. Things I've considered:

- moose chili
- moose stew
- shaved moose caesar salad
- moose mousse cous cous

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  1. Do you know U. Utah Phillips, the golden voice of the great southwest? He has an old recipe for...well, for moose. Sorta.

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    1. re: Cristina

      Cristina ...

      Is this the story about his making "moose pie" pie to avoid having to do dishes at the lumber camp?

      Between this suggestion and el caguero del DF, there is a pattern developing here! : D

    2. You could make authentic Swedish meatballs! Replace the beef with moose meat, as the author of the post advises.


      1. Daughter of an avid hunter here: I find moose to be more gamey than venison, so when I prepare it, I use it in dishes where it's not the centerpiece- you don't say if it's ground or not, but if so, use in place of ground beef in chili or tacos. Would also be good in stew- I think you're on the right track.

        1. One Thanksgiving my dad fried moose in the same grease he fried the turkey in.

          He used to get his grease from a coffee shop that made beignets. They gave him the grease they were going to throw away anyway. It tasted like beignets, but it was free.

          That's the Thanksgiving I discovered that even McDonald's is closed on Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge, and wound up eating at 7-11.