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Fresh flowers on a wedding cake

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Does anyone know how best to apply fresh roses to a wedding cake if the surface is fondant?

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  1. I just leave about 1" of stem and skewer them right through the fondant, or make a slit in the fondant with a small knife and stick them in there.

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      It almost goes without saying that you should do this at the last possible moment to avoid dead flowers on a wedding cake - a horrible thought.

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        If you want the flowers for the top tier, in the form of a bouquet, just tell your florist that, and the diameter of the tier. They should know how to make the bouquet so it can be used on the top of the cake. For individual flowers to be put on the cake I just leave some stem on and poke it through the fondant.

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      Amin (London Foodie)

      Instead of simply poking the stem into the cake
      and risking part of the stem / thorn being
      dislodged into the cake which could be dangerous,
      would suggest trying to use birthday candle holders
      and cutting the stem to a reasonable size so that
      the roses do not fall off the holder.

      1. I had fresh flowers on my wedding cake, and my cake decorator (also my aunt) used a special plastic mini (2 inches long and 1/4 inch wide) 'vase' that could be stuck into the fondant. I imagine they're probably available from confectioners or baking/cooking stores.

        1. You can also trim the stems short and pierce the base of the bud with flower wire, then use the wire to poke through the fondant. You just can't do this very far in advance or your flowers will wilt.

          1. If you are making a bouquet of several flowers and greenery, you can set some wet floral foam on a shallow dish (like a plastic lid) and cover it with greenery, then insert the roses into the foam and add greenery and such to fill in. If you want to place single roses, they will last quite some time without water - I usually do them in the morning of the day the cake is due. You can cut the stems short/off and attach them with a bit of fondant or buttercream as glue or can insert them thru the fondant as mentioned below. depending on your arrangement, you may be able to use floral tubes available from florists.