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Looking for a recipe that uses a *lot* of Parmesan

Tom from Durham Nov 14, 2004 08:40 PM

Unbeknownst to each other, the missus and I both picked up big honking hunks of Parmesan cheese on recent shopping trips. We're talking two 1.5 pound slabs, more than we can reasonably use for grating on soups, salads, pastas, etc. I want to transform this into an opportunity, so I'm looking for recipes that will help me take advantage of my unplanned bounty. Suggestions for any course from appetizers to dessert will be appreciated.

  1. j
    jeanne Nov 20, 2004 06:35 AM

    make cheese chips..alton brown demonstrated on his food network show on cheese..
    place small mounds of grated cheese on a cookie sheet covered with a non-stick mat. add whatever herbs you like. don't have the exact recipe..all recipes from shows on food network website..
    looked delicious..can cook and save for later..

    1. e
      Emme Nov 15, 2004 04:38 PM

      My Favorite Pasta Salad

      1 lb Rigatoni
      2 cups fresh tomatoes, chopped
      1/2 c vegetable oil (I use a little less)
      1/2 c Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar
      1 tsp oregano
      3/4 tsp ground pepper
      1/4 tsp salt
      handful or two of Marianni Julienned Sundried Tomatoes
      8 oz shredded parmesan
      4 tsp fresh basil
      2 cloves finely chopped garlic

      Cook pasta, mix in other ingredients, adding the basil last. Place in the fridge and let flavors meld. This tastes better the next day or at least after some hours of melding in the fridge.

      1. e
        Evan Nov 15, 2004 04:12 PM

        My favorite uses for Parmesan cheese are:

        Fettucine Alfredo
        Spaghetti Carbonara
        Fricos - I love making a bunch and folding them like a taco shell as it cools and then stuffing it with salad.
        I also like to bread chicken tenders with a mixture of grated parm. and bread crumbs and then pan fry them. It even works with chicken parm.

        1. c
          c212 Nov 15, 2004 03:11 PM

          Minestrone (sorry the measurements eldue me, but you can't mess this one up too bad):

          melt a lot of butter and olive oil over low/medium heat, add (in order as you prepare them) diced onion, then carrot and celery, then shredded cabbage and diced potato, then canned whole tomatoes (squish them w/ your hands). Cover with water, and bring to a boil, and let simmer over low heat for a while, just bubbling. Add chopped green beans and/or red kidney beans. Simmer some more. 2-3 hours total is best. A few minutes before serving, stir in a whole lot of grated parmesan. (You can also add elbow macaroni). Salt and pepper to taste, serve with some crusty Italian bread and a good red wine, and some more grated parmesan on the side, and possibly some chopped italian parsley.

          This is also a good recipe for using old parmesan rinds (which keep in the freezer), add one or two when you add the water.

          Even better the next day.

          1. t
            Tom from Durham Nov 15, 2004 01:52 PM

            You folks are fantastic! Keep 'em coming!

            1. k
              kitnimbus Nov 15, 2004 12:53 PM

              How about cacio e pepe(sp?)...I know that it's traditionally made with pecorino romano, but I've parm. on occasion & it makes an interesting variation. Just toss hot pasta with grated cheese & lots of freshly grated black pepper.

              1. k
                KrissyWats Nov 15, 2004 12:41 PM

                I have a fantastic recipe for Chicken Breast Piccata Florentine out of the Whole Food Market Cookbook. The recipe creates this wonderful thick crust around the chicken. It calls for 3/4 cup of grated parmesan for two breasts. I think I doubled that.

                2 eggs
                3/4 cup parmesan
                2 cups of chopped spinach
                2 teaspoons italian herbs
                2 garlic cloves (I used more)
                2 teaspoons of salt
                1 teaspoon of pepper
                2 whole boneless breast, cut in half and pounded

                Dredge the breasts in flour and then mix the rest of the ingredients and dip the breasts. Fry in olive oil (3 minutes per side). Keep in a warm oven. They are fantastic. Rich, but wonderful. Good luck!

                1. c
                  cap Nov 15, 2004 12:23 PM

                  Bottle of good robust red wine.
                  Cheese knife.
                  Big wedge of parmesan.
                  A hard to beat recipe.

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                  1. re: cap
                    DeeDee Nov 15, 2004 12:51 PM

                    Agreed. What kind of wine would you recommend?

                    1. re: DeeDee
                      bluespoon Nov 15, 2004 03:47 PM

                      Hey Deedee,

                      I think the best answer to that would be, "whaddya got?" Cheese and wine is really a personal preference. Here is my basic rule of thumb (it has worked well in the past) Cheese I have on hand + wine I have on hand = always yummy! One notable exception is marble cheese with a bottle of Matteus some one brought to my house, yuck! They weren't invited back.

                      All joking aside, I love cheese and with parm, I would recommend a good Chardonnay over a red. To make sure I wasn't way off base I checked on www.gourmetsleuth.com (very useful).

                      1. re: DeeDee
                        cap Nov 16, 2004 07:52 AM

                        Well I generally have this at the end of a meal, so I am finishing off whatever we had with the main.
                        Typically a good Barbera, or some type of Nebbiolo, or an Amarone,would all work. But not Chianti, IMHO. I had an excellent red (Inferno??) from the Valtellina the other day which would have been great with some Parmesan.

                      2. re: cap
                        Carb Lover Nov 15, 2004 01:37 PM

                        A good recipe indeed! My additions: aged balsamic (or reduction of regular balsamic, for the poor cook's version) & coarse black pepper.

                        1. re: cap
                          bacchante Nov 15, 2004 02:22 PM

                          you all beat me to it.

                        2. d
                          Deenso Nov 15, 2004 09:25 AM

                          Classic Risotto Milanese!

                          1. s
                            Sony Nov 15, 2004 09:23 AM

                            Pesto's a good way to use up Parmesan, though finding fresh basil may be difficult at this time of the year (or a little expensive). However, I've made parsley pesto for pasta with good results!

                            1. s
                              Sara Z Nov 15, 2004 09:08 AM

                              I grate a bunch of it, then put little circles clumped up and flattened on a baking sheet and toast for 10 minutes on 350 - you get these really yummy 'chips' that are great on salads or soup. They keep in an airtight container for a week or so.

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                              1. re: Sara Z
                                Danny Nov 15, 2004 05:41 PM

                                These "chips" are great! Try adding a little cracked black pepper, or smoked paprika, or other spices to bring the chips to an even higher level.

                              2. v
                                Val Nov 15, 2004 07:54 AM

                                Here's a recipe that uses 3/4 cup and is quite good...Parmesan Polenta with Ham...pretty tasty. Link below.

                                Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

                                1. d
                                  deibu Nov 15, 2004 07:39 AM

                                  Parmesan lasts a long, long time in the fridge... I'm talking upwards of six months. Meanwhile, make caesar salads, carbonara, etc. 1 1/2 lbs. seems like a lot but I would love to have that much on hand! I could go through that in two weeks. lol

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                                  1. re: deibu
                                    Aimee Nov 15, 2004 12:28 PM

                                    You can also grate it and freeze it with good results. Wouldn't recomment freezing it whole

                                  2. f
                                    foodfiend Nov 15, 2004 02:02 AM

                                    how about parmesan frico or tuiles?

                                    Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

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                                    1. re: foodfiend
                                      Carb Lover Nov 15, 2004 11:46 AM

                                      Yes, I was thinking along the same lines--that way you can really savor the parmesan flavor. I believe that those type of bites are very good served before dinner w/ a chilled glass of champagne...

                                      Or check out this recipe from marthastewart.com for a savory parmesan shortbread that is served at London's Savoy during tea--YUM!

                                      Link: http://www.marthastewart.com/page.jht...

                                    2. g
                                      gina Nov 14, 2004 11:01 PM

                                      Alfredo sauce!

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