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Nov 14, 2004 12:58 PM

TJ's chocolate/cherry pancakes: simple & delicious

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Made a wonderful breakfast this AM coincidentally using ALL Trader Joe's products and thought I'd share, esp. since it looks like TJ's is a hound favorite.

Used their pancake mix and followed directions on package, except added half milk-half water instead of all water. When they were cooking on the first side in TJ butter, I scattered either TJ semi-sweet chips or dried Bing cherries on top, and then flipped.

Arranged a stack: cc pancake, cherry pancake, cc pancake. Dollop of butter and then light drizzle TJ maple syrup. Declared the easiest (10 min. from idea to table) and best flavored pancakes I've ever made--that chocolate/cherry combo is a winner!! Couldn't distinguish mix from my made-from-scratch versions either.

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