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Nov 14, 2004 06:15 AM

Thinking of no turkey

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Does anyone not have turkey on Thanksgiving? What are you having instead of turkey (not interested in vegetarian substitutions -sorry)?

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  1. I have been informed by my mother-in-law that we are having BBQ ribs and jambalya. She's trying a caterer this year.

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      I made a standing rib roast one year (it was gorgeous) Yorkshire pudding, horseradish sauce, and other stuff I don't remember. What everyone said they missed most was the soup that always results from the turkey carcass! I stuck with turkey after that.

    2. My husband hates turkey, the only time he'll eat it is deli turkey breast on a turkey club, SO...every year, I make something else instead...I usually make some sort of baked chicken breasts, or I've done shrimp or scallops also-- this year, I'm making apricot chicken breasts with french black olives, and a pistachio wild rice, along with cinnamon cranberries, and a caesar stuffing this year, and probably some sort of sweet potato thing, but I'm still not sure,,,,,I think I want to just have them roasted with rosemary, something simple...not a casserole type thing...then for dessert I'm having, chocolate pecan tart (i'm not making it,,,know where to get an amazing one here in queens, NY), and a banana tart, and an apple tart...fresh whipped cream, and probably some fresh fruit salad.......that's it!!

      1. I've done roasts, all sorts of poultry, Corninsh Hens, Ducks etc. I was thinking about ordering moulard duck breasts from D'Artagnan this year but one of their mailings announced wild turkeys. I've not done one of them before and they are small and there are only going to be 5 of us at dinner so I think I will do it. Their game cook book has a couple of interesting recipes in it for wild turkey.

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          Some of the game birds from d'Artagnan look like very good options.

          I have often served wild game for Thanksgiving, not bought from anywhere posh but killed by family members.

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            We did one of their wild turkeys a year or two ago and it was great.

          2. Capon. Much more delicious than turkey. And smaller.

            Duck breasts and leg quarters (very easy to get at Asian markets) are easier than whole duck or goose.

            Last year, my parents opted for ribeyes on the grill instead of turkey. For that matter, a standing rib-roast is sooo easy to prepare for a large crowd.

            1. Well, any sort of roast makes a festive meal. A ham, a goose, whatever. Prime rib is always nice if your family likes it. Remember this rule of thumb: The more expensive the roast, the less work involved in preparing it. A prime rib is a snap to fix and then you can serve popovers or Yorkshire pudding!

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                mm - thanks! We are having prime rib this year and popovers sound great.