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Nov 13, 2004 04:35 PM

your favorite carrot cake recipe?

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Please help me find an easy and delicious carrot cake recipe. I'm overwhelmed by the number of recipes out there and am just looking for a cake that uses easily available ingredients, doesn't take long to put together, and tastes great. TIA

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  1. For the past two years I have made Epicurious' Carrot Orange Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I have not made cakes, but cupcakes, and all who've had it have loved it. Far more frosting than you'll need, but that's not a problem. The cake is a lovely balance of flavors & the orange, to my mind, makes it more elegant and more nuanced than most carrot cakes.

    [Made cupcakes instead of cakes because I made it for my son's first and second birthday. The sight of him that first year when he got his cupcake was enough to tell anyone that we had a chowpup on our hands!]


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      Thanks for the recipe. I'm still smiling thinking about your chowpup and his cupcake. Great testimonial.

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        That recipe looks terrific! When you make it as cupcakes at what temp and how long do you cook it? Also, do you use muffin papers?


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          I do use muffin papers & I'm sorry, but I just eyeball 'em, so I don't have a time rec.

      2. Here is another one from I made this for my sister, who is carrot cake obsessed and she loved it. When she took the leftovers to work, they thought it was from a bakery.

        1. I swear by the one in New Basics. It uses the pineapple and everything.

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            For the uninitiated, what's New Basics?

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              New Basics is a popular cookbook from authors Sheila Lukins and Julee Rosso, who also wrote the Silver Palate Cookbook.

          2. Here's a link to my favorite recipe...



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              Frosty Melon (was Chowderhead)

              The Silver Palate cookbook recipe is awesome.