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Nov 13, 2004 10:24 AM


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Help!!!!!! I need all of you chowhounders to back me up on my mashed potato technique. Annoying brother in law insists that I use a hand mixer to mash my potatoes, I prefer to use a ricer. Can someone back me up on the virtues of ricing? Thanks!!!!!!

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  1. use both first the ricer than the mixer.

    1. I just use a masher...It's *very* easy to get overmixed, gummy potatoes with a mixer....


      1. Ricer! With a mixer you run the risk of overbeating and getting too much gluten. Bleh!

        1. I concur. With ricer you get light and fluffy, with mixer you get gluey.

          1. Don't overcook potatoes. Rice. Add copious amounts of cream and butter. Get on treadmill next day.