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Nov 12, 2004 10:11 AM


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Has anyone ever had one of these - can you tell me how it is???

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  1. It is a unique taste. We had one for a big family get-together. It was interesting that night (albeit VERY salty). You can't really tell the difference in the meat (turkey, duck and chicken) but you really taste the different stuffings. The most pronounced flavor was the andouille sausage. We served it with collared greens, black beans and rice, sweet potatoes, corn bread and a big basic salad. We poured a fairly new Shiraz (Coppola) and assorted Sauvignon Blanc.

    However the leftovers were HORRIBLE. The flavors seemed to separate, the stuffing became glutinous and the meats seemed stringy and dry. Maybe we re-heated too long?

    The general consensus among the group is that we glad we tried it but we don’t have any desire to have again on our lifetime.

    1. When I think of turducken, I think of Calvin Trillin. I've never had a turducken, but he's the man who's made me wish I had.

      1. I had one last year for TG at my parents-in-law's. It's ok, but I think it's less than the sum of its parts. All of the constituents would be better appreciated separately. The only thing it really has going for it is the novelty.

        1. The "Weekend" section of today's Wall Street Journal has a whole article comparing Turducken from various purveyors.

          Their "Best Overall" and "Best Value" was from:

          Cajun Grocer


          They had some of the same criticism, most were "not necessarily as good as the sum of their parts", but they did like the one from Cajun Grocer. Of course with the publicity I am sure that Cajun Grocer will be sold out until Thanksgiving 2010.

          1. Hi Sara-

            Please continue this discussion on General Topics, unless, of course, the discussion morphs in to how to cook turducken or recipes for turducken. Discussion of food items or sourcing of food items, still lives on General Topics.