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Nov 11, 2004 10:21 PM

up to my eyeballs in EGGS!

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Well, the chickens at the farm our CSA sponsors have been very... fertile. I currently have 4 dozen free-range, organic eggs sitting in my fridge, waiting to turn rotten. Anyone have a favorite egg-intensive recipe they want to share? The more eggs it requires, the better. I'm open to savory or sweet recipes. Just please help me make good use of these beautiful eggs! Thanks in advance!

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  1. use the yolks for pot au creme (there's a great one on epicurious that's pumpkin maple) and the whites for merangues.

    or make zabaglion (sp?) - egg yolks, marsala wine and sugar - SO GOOD

    either sweet or savory clafouti

    1. remember, you can freeze the whites!

      1. We raise chickens ourselves. In the spring we are usually overrun with eggs - and I also hunt desperately for multi multi egg recipes. Here are some of my strategies:

        If I have freezer space, I'll make several stratas to bake later. In case you've never made a strata, it's a layered bread, egg, milk concoction - usually with veggies or cheese or both. Great for brunch. Google for recipes - there are lots of them and they usually use tons of eggs.

        If I happen to be going to a potluck or something, I'll make devilled eggs. Everyone loves the damn things, but no one ever makes them for themselves.

        I have made an egg curry - using hard-cooked eggs, simmered in a curry sauce. It's delicious, but I don't happen to have a recipe handy at the moment. However, again, Google is your friend. Look for Egg Curry or Curried Eggs.

        I make a creme caramel that uses whole eggs, instead of just yolks. It's not classically perfect, but it is still very very good.

        True, you can freeze whites very successfully. Perfect to make an angel cake at a later time.

        A sponge cake or chiffon cake uses lots of eggs. They are both made with whole eggs so you don't end up with anything left over. And it freezes beautifully if you don't want to eat it right away.

        Bread pudding.

        Omelets, of course, for any meal of the day. Also frittata.

        If I think of anything else, I'll add another note later. Good luck and enjoy.

        1. Anyone know how to make egg-drop soup? Sounds like a good use of eggs, but I don't have a good recipe.

          1. Souffles.