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Nov 11, 2004 03:39 PM

Help! Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

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In practice for Thanksgiving (this is the first one I am responsible for the turkey), I made a turkey last Sunday. It was HUGE and now my husband and I have major leftovers. Any recipes out there we can use leftover turkey in? We like all kinds of food.

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  1. Because I will be out of town for Thanksgiving I cooked a 13lb turkey last weekend for my family of 3. Yesterday I made two recipes from Epicurius with lefteovers that were pretty tasty.
    One was Turkey Tortilla Soup. The only change I made was using chipotle powder instead of plain chili powder and I made a turkey stock first with the carcass and used that instead of chicken broth. Just do a search on epicurious.
    The second recipe was for turkey enchiladas. I thought this one was particularly yummy.