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Nov 11, 2004 08:50 AM

Food processor girl is back...what are essential kitchen items to have?

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Well, everyone was so helpful about my question about whether registering for a food processor for my wedding was necessary - thanks so much! I love to cook but up until now haven't been able to afford all these fancy appliances so now that I am picking some out I'm looking for advice. If anyone cares like commenting, I'd totally appreciate people's opinoins on their favorite kitchen gadgets/tools. Pots and pans I'm already going with All Clad MC and for knives I'm using Global...but other than that I'm wandering around aimlessly. (Though I think I will go with the food processor now after everyone's comments.)Any opinions would be much apprecited!

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  1. I love my KitchenAid stand mixer. I'm hoping to get some attachments this Xmas, but even without them it's a great tool. It just makes prep so much faster and easier, and I like that I can leave it mixing while I'm doing something else, rather than having to stand there with the hand mixer. My other must-have's are the stoneware baking sheets and pans from Pampered Chef. Since using them I have never made a cookie that wasn't perfect; they all come out evenly and nicely browned on the bottom. Great too for crisping up leftover/frozen french fries or pizza - when you're not in the mood for real cooking!

    1. Thanks for bringing up your previous inquiry about the FP. Even though I initially said below that I could do w/o my FP, reading everyone's + responses reminded me of what it can uniquely do--and now I'm glad that I have it when needed for those jobs :)

      My kitchen must-haves:
      -3 knives (chef's, paring, cleaver)
      -Boos block (wish mine were bigger, so I'd rec getting a big flat one, not too thick)
      -beyond your All-Clad set, 2 non-stick shallow pans (small & large), grill pan, wok
      -cooking utensils (several wooden spoons, silicone spatula, plastic pancake and metal fish spatulas, steel slotted spoon)
      -set of baking pans and sheets
      -colander set
      -mixing bowl set
      -gadgets beyond your usuals (microplane, tiny whisk for mixing small amounts of liquid, French rolling dowel, meat and candy thermometers, pastry brushes, Asian 'spider' strainer, good corkscrew)
      -Krups toaster oven
      -Waring blender
      -KA stand mixer
      -rice cooker
      -spice rack
      -oven mitts

      Have fun w/ that registry!!

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        thanks for all your suggestions! what's a boos block?

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          Boos is the brand of a wood chopping block. Check out the link below. IMO, they are the best in the field. Not hard to find since places like Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma carry them.


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            cool, i checked them out and they look great. thanks for recommending this brand.

      2. A hand mixer is useful for little jobs like mashing potatoes or whipping a couple of egg whites. Mine is a KA.

        1. I can't cook (and therefore live) without my:

          garlic press (pampered chef)

          utility knife (pampered chef 5" blade..SO sharp & comes with a sharpener/sheath storage thingy)

          rubber spatula (again, pampered chef...have had it for years and it has not cracked nor stained nor has the handle ever broken)

          good wooden chopping boards..I have a large and a small (son made the larger one in shop class years ago!)

          old seasoned cast iron skillet (10")

          food processor (Hamilton Beach Food Pro 2)

          newest beloved item: Calphalon 12" non-stick skillet

          Mixers: I have a hand held that is old but does the jobs I need very nicely. I think Kitchen Aids really are more for those who LOVE to bake and bake a lot considering the investment required.

          1. The SF chronicle published an article just yesterday about outfitting a new kitchen. It's just their opinion and others may want to weigh in (I for one wonder why a new cook would want several pastry brushes..) I think most of their advise is good though. Best wishes.


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              thanks so much for this, it's a very useful article to have