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Nov 11, 2004 08:41 AM

what do you make with rice and beans?

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I've just made a beautiful pot of pinto beans - nice and soupy the way I like them. I am, however, drawing a complete blank on what to make with them. Obviously, just about anything would work, but I just didn't have it in me to do the same old London Broil or shredded chicken. I have some roast pork in my freezer that would probably be pretty good, but figured I'd ask and see what people's favorite rice and bean dishes are....

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  1. Any chance you can make some Jerked Chicken on a grill? Great with rice & beans. I live in FL and you may be up in some wintry, snowy location, I don't know. I have a recipe if you are able to make such a dish at this time of year.

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      I live in one of those wintery snowy areas (MN) and we grill year 'round. You can't let a little snow or subzero temperatures keep you from great plate of Jerked Chicken.

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        that's an idea. I live in NYC, and despite what my mom from Maine thinks, it gets cold here. But I'm lucky enough to have acess to an outdoor grill all year long.....

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        Jane Hathaway

        I love to just have them simply. Rice, beans, maybe a bit of queso cotija crumbled on top and some nice warm tortillas on the side.

        1. The best thing I know to serve with a perfect pot of pinto beans is hot buttermilk cornbread with plenty of butter! If this were still summer, just-picked tomatoes would complete the picture. As it is not, I'd just have a green salad with it. That's a complete meal, IMHO.

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            ditto and add a slab of cheese too.

          2. No ethnic purity here, just what we like:

            Red beans & rice: swiss chard sauteed with garlic, onion, and cumin. Don't ask, just try.

            For black beans & rice: Broiled or grilled mixed HOT peppers (hehehe), cabbage slow-cooked with onions, oil, a little butter, s&P; and plain steamed cauliflower.

            1. Jamaican Rice and "Peas" that contains coconut milk, thyme, scotch bonner, and a few other items. You can google a recipe.

              Also, I like the make a breakfast burrito scrambling eggs, rice, and beans, and then rolling in a tortilla with salsa and sour cream. You can add meat if you'd like to the scramble.