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Nov 10, 2004 08:23 PM

Freezing fresh pumpkin

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Love fresh pumpkin. It's my favorite winter vegetable and available for such a limited time in FL. Even if you buy a lot of them, they won't last given our winter temperatures. Don't want to roast and puree it for pies. I want to freeze chunks of it but don't want to waste my prizes with experimentation. Has anyone tried to freeze fresh pumpkin? How did you do it?

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  1. In general you cannot successfully freeze raw vegetables at home. They have enzymes in them of some sort, and when you defrost them, they'll just turn to mush.

    Sorry, but you'll need to roast (my preference) or steam them first.

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      I kind of thought that would be the case...thanks for your reply.

    2. Resurrecting a very old thread to ask someone out there:

      I wanted to freeze fresh pumpkin. From this thread, I discovered that's a bad idea. But if I cook it, then freeze it, will it be complete mush when defrosted as well? I like to use the pumpkin mostly in chunks like butternut, not as puree. Will this possible with my defrosted, cooked pumpkin? How about if I slightly undercook it before freezing? Will that help preserve its shape?