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Nov 10, 2004 09:38 AM

Warming goat cheese

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This might seem like a really basic/simple question but what is the best way to warm goat cheese? My sister is coming for turket-day and she likes salads with warm goat cheese on top. This is something I've never done so I would appreciate any advice on doing this.

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  1. I usually cut a log of goat cheese into disks, then arrange them on a cookie sheet and bake at 375o for 5 to 6 minutes, or until warmed but not melted. You then have to use a flat spatula to move the cheese from the cookie sheet to the salad. If you're using any other warm ingredient in the salad, like sauteed wild mushrooms or whatever, you can arrange serving-size piles of this on the cookie sheet first, place the round of goat cheese on top and warm it all together. The cheese is easier to transfer to the salad that way.

    1. I like to cut the log into rounds, using dental floss - not the mint flavor! Dip the rounds into some olive oil, then into matzo meal seasoned with salt & pepper to coat them. Then bake them in the toaster oven until the matzo meal coating browns & blisters lightly. I usually use these to top a salad of baby greens with a mustardy vinaigrette, two per serving.

      1. Another version to throw into the mix. Note: I usually prep up to point of covering w/ crumbs, put back in fridge to set, and pan fry right before serving.

        Cut cold log into 1/2 in. disks w/ plain floss
        Dip full surface of disk LIGHTLY into egg white
        Dip into either plain bread crumbs (store bought ok) or panko (Japanese crumbs) mixed w/ a little salt
        Put thin coating of olive oil and butter into non-stick pan
        Pan fry on med. heat on each side w/ minimal prodding
        Serve IMMEDIATELY over mixed greens and balsamic dressing for warm outside and gooey inside--yum!

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          After reading carb lover's post I decided to try this tonight. I sliced the goat cheese and dipped it in a beaten egg (yolk and white), then breadcrumbs (store bought), then fried it lightly in olive oil over medium heat. I browned both sides, then ate them with a salad of mixed greens and sliced apples, dressed with fresh squeezed lemon, olive oil and black pepper. DELICIOUS. The texture of the goat cheese was great inside the breadcrumb crust.

          Slicing the goat cheese was a bit difficult because it was too cold, so some pieces crumbled. I had to eat those un-fried.

          1. re: Dave M.P.

            Glad you tried this and had a yummy result. Love how it's crispy on the outside yet warm and gooey on the inside. I have found that adding some butter to the oil noticeably enhances the flavor. I, too, used to encounter some difficulty w/ slicing the cheese. I usually buy the goat cheese log from Trader Joes's (I believe it's Silver Goat?). I take it out for a min. from the fridge and then either slice *carefully* w/ floss (start from underneath the log and criss cross to slice up) or a sharp knife dipped in water. If it crumbles, I try to mold it back together.

        2. WOW...thanks all for your input. I think I know exactly what to do now. All your suggestions sound so good I just may have to try them all out before the big day!