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Nov 9, 2004 01:01 PM

nonstick frying pan

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Since our Calphalon nonstick frying pan has started peeling, we’re in the market for a new nonstick frying pan. What would you recommend?

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  1. Wow...are you kidding? It's peeling? I just bought one in August and saved all my papers for it...I thought they came with 'lifetime' guarantee (unless you scratch it with a knife or metal spatula)...would you consider sending it back to them? Sometimes companies will 'make good' on their products; a friend who had a nice Revereware set that was a few years old said the knob came off her small saucepan, she sent it back to them and they completely replaced the saucepan! She was so thoroughly and pleasantly surprised.

    1. Yikes! A calphalon pan should not be peeling! I would take it back to the store where you bought it, if you remember, and ask them what to do. They keep all of the contact info. for their vendors and should be able to help you. If you aren't sure where you bought it, I would look for a phone number on-line and call the company. You might be surprised at their customer service.

      If you're in the market for a new pan. I love my non-stick All-Clad frying pan. It has held up perfectly over the years and is so easy to clean. Good luck!

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        I worked at W.S. and was surprised at how many non-stick pans people would bring in because the non-stick coating disappeared. These were primarily All-Clad pans. I guess the good part of shopping at a $$ store like W.S. is that they would take the pan back and give you a new one, if you keep your receipt of course.

        1. re: Mari

          Thank you for all of your suggestions! I've thought about exchange... but am concerned about ingesting (once again) the pan surface.... and, therefore, really don't want another one!

          Have you heard anything favorable about other types of coatings/brands that are out there?

          1. re: Carrie

            I wish I could help you more, but the two brands I am most familiar with are All Clad and Calphalon. I think that two reasons for why so many people returned these is that a) the pans were put in the dishwasher (and All Clad does specify not to put these in the dishwsher); and b) people love to heat these pans up super high, which I think my contribute to their decay. All Clad's advantage is that they are manufactured to conduct heat effectively, so there is no need to turn the heat up really high. Maybe you were doing one of these and that caused the coating to come off? Also, use rubber spatulas that are gentle on the pan.
            About the toxic contents in the nonstick coatings, you might want to do a Google search for this. I think that Teflon (by DuPont) is supposed to be *bad*.

            1. re: Mari

              We may go with an All Clad nonstick pan. The rest of our pots are All Clad LTD and we've been very happy with them!

              And thanks for the pointer about using a lower heat! My fiancé (the cook in the house!) tends to heat things up hot, fast. He worked in a restaurant as a sauté cook for a few years and that's what they did there. Of course, they probably didn't use nonstick pans there, so that may explain it. I’ll mention it to him.

              We've also been wondering about the method by which we clean the pan and if our dish sponge/scrubber has caused the problem. We are so careful about using nonstick utensils and keeping all metal ones away from the pan. Yet our pan is starting to have dots of non-stick surface missing... Oh dear!

              Thanks for your help!

              1. re: Carrie

                I love All-Clad for everything else (cookware, roasters, bakeware) so I can imagine they have great non-stick cookware. I haven't tried it, however.

                I do have one non-stick pan that I use for eggs, omelets, etc, and it's a Cuisinart nonstick. Yes, Cuisinart. It was actually a gift. It's a 10-inch, with a sturdy but rather narrow handle (I like that -- easy to grasp and not excess weight) that's made of stainless steel, and is therefore oven-proof. The handle doesn't heat up during normal stovetop cooking, though, so you don't need a hotpad on the stovetop. This nonstick has survived for about 3.5 years with this kind of abuse:

                -an abrasive scrubbie on the dishwasher sponge that gets used for everything else so gets used on this nonstick no matter what

                -occasionally Mr. Smith throws it in the dishwasher

                -metal utensils of every description

                -regular use in and out of the oven, sometimes at pretty high heat.

                Since I only really use one nonstick pan, I want it to be good. This Cuisinart is a winner.

      2. Farberware Millenium. Cooks Illustrated gave it favorable reviews so I bought two of them. Excellent skillets with good, heavy bottoms.

        1. I rarely use non-stick...usually just for omlettes, etc. So for me, I go to TJ Maxx and buy a $10 non-stick pan, then when the coating starts to deteriorate, I buy another one.

          of course, if you use your non-stick for your work-horse pan, this would not be a good idea.

          1. the brand analon makes great nonstick, and not as expensive.