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Nov 9, 2004 10:28 AM

Excellent deal - stainless steel rotating cake stand for $16.95

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I bought this a while back for $20.00 and never stopped congratulating myself on this brilliant purchase, and now it's only $16.95! This cake stand not only looks very good but also rotates, which is perfect for anyone wanting to practice their buttercream application skills. If I didn't already have 3 cake stands at home (yeah... I know), I'd get another one just coz it's such a steal. Looks great in any setting, with a cake or cupcakes or even cheese on it, and the rotation action...! OK, you get the drift.


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  1. would you say this will also work well for cake decorating? I mean it rotates and so I assume it can act like the cake stands that bakers use to ice and decorate cakes?

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    1. re: Wendy Lai

      Well yes, exactly! You turn it by rotating the base (easy to do with one hand) while you pipe decorations. It's incredibly useful; professional versions I've seen are uglier and cost upward of $40.

      1. re: Sir Gawain
        Caitlin Wheeler

        Though if you want one that's not for serving (way uglier) I think Wilton makes a plastic one for about $12. This one is much prettier, and I'm eyeing it even though I have the plastic Wilton one.

        1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

          Yeah, I guess those are cheaper.. (but ugly). Many metal ones are over $50, some are as much as $90. Absurd.

          This one is very neutral in design, simple and classic. And serving a cake on a stand always makes it look much more festive somehow.

    2. Sir Gawain, thank you for alerting me to this fine item.

      I've actually just gone hog wild on the Crate and Barrel sale. Some good deals on Wustof knives, and other handy goodies (pastry scrapers, kitchen towels, etc).

      Just a question about your handle -- is there a Green Knight in the picture somewhere? Is it a derivative of your name -- or do you just like the character?

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      1. re: Mrs. Smith

        It is not a derivative of my name. Sir Gawain is someone I have always found very appealing, and his is a great story that I like to imagine inhabiting.