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Nov 9, 2004 08:40 AM

recipe for wine that has turned

  • j

The wine wasn't awful, just slightly more acidic and fizzy than it should have been, so rather than dump the whole bottle down the drain, I figured I'd marinate some meat in it. Got me to wondering what the best use of a slightly-off bottle of wine is. Any favorite recipes?

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  1. If you cannot drink it then you don't want to waste good meat with it either. Just dump it out. It won't do the meat any favors if it is bad.

    1. get a vinegar mothering crock and make your own red (and/or white) vinegar.

      Geoff and Sally Manfredi (Calistoga potters) make nice crocks or you can retrofit any plain crockery for the purpose.

      Waste not, want not (as my grandmother was fond of saying).