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Banoffi Pie

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  • rufus1 Nov 8, 2004 05:49 PM
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Does anyone have a recipe, I tried it for the lst time in Ireland last month and it was delicious

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  1. I have made Banoffi Pie before and its so simple I dont think I even wrote down the recipe - but the attached link has it about right.

    I use digestive biscuits, condensed milk, and put the chopped banana underneath, rather than above, the caramel. I haven't tried it with Baileys in the cream as prefer it plain, though I am sure it would be delicious.

    Enjoy - this is gooey and sweet and fantastic straight-to-your-hips material :-)

    Link: http://www.cuisinedumonde.com/banoffi...

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      Thank you.

    2. Any suggestions for substitutions to the digestive biscuts? They are pretty hard to find in upstate new york. Tried graham cracker crust, but it's just not the same.