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Nov 8, 2004 03:34 PM

I Made The Daniel Boulud Short Ribs......

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I made the recipe below as recommended by fellow Chowhounds. The celery-root potatoes were fantastic!!! (My 6 year old daughter couldn't get enough!) The sauce was excellent too.

This was the first time I have cooked beef short ribs. To me they tasted like pot roast. Regrettably however, they had a thick layer of fat in the middle of each rib which was *very* off-putting. It was hard to remove, thus made for very unpleasant eating. (The fat was cut well and they were cooked plenty long--believe me!) Has anyone else had this experience?

I'm thinking of substituting a nice 7-bone chuck roast instead of the beef ribs next time--seems to be 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other...your thoughts?


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  1. I've found that there's a fair amount squishy gelatinous tissue holding the muscles to the ribs that's kind of rich tasting, but it doesn't seem to be totally fat, and is so well cooked in the end that it isn't difficult at all to chew. I could imagine someone being grossed out by the texture, but I actually like eating it. Tastes kind of like beef tendon (like in some Asian soups), which is what I suspect it actually is. Maybe you're talking about something else.

    I usually make short ribs the day before I plan to eat them, so I can refrigerate the whole thing and remove the fat, which solidifies on top.

    I'm sure chuck would be fine. There's something very handsome about all those meaty ribs though.


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      I did make the ribs ahead and remove the top fat. That gelatinous stuff that you described is exactly what I am talking about--we really did not like that at all.

      If I order short ribs at a restaurant will it have that gelatinous center?

      Do you think a 7 bone roast would be an appropriate substitute in this recipe?

      (Note: I cooked 7 1/2 pounds of ribs (11 ribs) for this recipe and only made half the sauce.)

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      ChowFun (derek)

      How many pounds are 8 shortribs?

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        It varies a lot, depending on how they're cut.


      2. 3 bottles of wine? Thats crazy. Your looking at $25 in wine only for the dish minimum. 1 short rib per person? I would think 2 per but I guess it depends on the cut?

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          My sentiments exactly. Three bottles of wine? Ridiculous.

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            You 'gotta love' comments that go off topic with an opinion not asked for by the original poster.