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Nov 8, 2004 02:55 PM

Catastrophic Turnip Crop Success

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My fall turnip crop is a catastrophic success.

I usually grow a modest amount. I like to put them alongside a roast, I like to do a cream of turnip soup, and a saute of the greens in olive oil and garlic. But I've got far more than usual and could use some additional suggestions.

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  1. Since we make our living farming, we love 'catastrophes' like yours! This week our veggie csa box will have turnips, I'll encourage our subscribers to take a look at this new home cooking board, and possibly post about their favorite turnip recipes.



    1. Slice em up like french fries and fry them for a different fries twist. Sprinkle with kosher salt and/or other seasonings like garlic powder and Italian seasoning- ranch dip mix powder is tasty too.

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        Culture them for the winter. Get the culture from Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet (Google it.)and follow her recipes. Make a saltless kraut out of them.

        Use juniper berries to keep it crisp and fresh throughout the winter.

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          Jennie Sheeks

          What about a turnip gratin? Or roasted with lots of evoo, garlic & herbs? Or boiled and mashed with potatoes, celery root and dijon mustard or roasted shallots? I do a garlic potato soup (potatoes & lots of unpeeled garlic cloves boiled in chicken stock till soft then run through the food mill) that would be good with the addition of turnips.

          For the greens, the idea of creamed turnip greens appeals to me. What about a stir fry of turnip greens or adding sausage & a little stock to your greens saute and serving over pasta? Or adding a little ricotta to that saute and using it as a filling for savory turnovers? I have no idea if this would work but could you steam the greens, wring them out and freeze them for later?

          I made a sort of minestrone soup last weekend (beef stock, ham shank, canned tomatoes, leek, onion, garlic, carrot, zucchini, orzo, chard & white beans) that would have been good with some diced turnips & greens.

          1. My Dad used to peel them and simmer in beef broth until tender. He'd serve it along side a beef roast.

            Nice to see you here Bill.