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Nov 8, 2004 02:07 PM

A holiday-worthy recipe to pass on: Mario's Almond Brittle

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All of the recent talk about holiday food has reminded me of a brittle recipe that chef Mario Batali demonstrated on Martha Stewart's show (recipe link below) that is too good and fool-proof to not pass on. With the aid of a candy thermometer, this recipe is **super** easy and has worked every time I've made it. The sliced nut to sugar ratio is higher than most brittle recipes, which IMO makes the texture more tender (so you don't break your teeth!) and perfect for a nut lover like myself. I find that the big bag of sliced almonds from TJ's is the perfect amount for this recipe. For ease and economics, I use light olive or canola oil instead of almond oil to grease the pans, and it tastes just fine.

Serve this at your holiday gathering or include in homemade gift baskets. Kids and adults alike seem to enjoy this!


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    A general tip for too-hard brittle candies to is add some baking soda to the sugar solution before adding the nuts. It creates some bubbles/cloudiness but works to break up the dense sugar structure.

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      If this is real authentic Italian stuff its meant to break your teeth. It comes in a bar, about a half inch thick or so. I think it may be Torrone, although I think Torrone is the soft, nougat kind. Are they both caled Torrone? Anyway, if you want to break off a piece you pretty much need a hammer. My mom used to make it herself and it wasnt as hard.

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        Don't know the origin of this brittle (besides that it's from Mario B), but I think you may be talking about Toblerone??

        Anyhow, if this recipe is made properly, then no need to run to the garage for the hammer. Because it uses lots of sliced almonds and has just a coating of sugar, it's very easy to break up w/ one's hands (and subsequently, eat w/ one's teeth). For anyone who has been scared off by the thought of candy-making or a hot pot of boiling sugar, this recipe is for you!!