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Nov 8, 2004 10:50 AM

Waffle Makers...I found trhe answer!

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Anyone here like waffles?

Ok, now who likes waffles and tries to make them at home, only to be disappointed every time because they don't cook consistently, they are like lead weights with no taste and get worse if you don't consume them within 6.7 seconds of taking them off of the waffle iron?

I have had several waffle makers and have tried many recipes, but they just turn out as unappetizing calorie-loaded filler food most of the time. However, recently I stayed in a hotel that had a self-serve breakfast with a couple of waffle makers and cups of batter. It was the kind of waffle maker that you flip when cooking and they were very good.

Last week I saw an ad for a home model of this commercial waffle maker by Waring, and I went out and bought one. I tried one of their booklet recipes and served breakfast for 6 this morning. Ding Ding! This is it, the Holy Grail...beautifully cooked, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, light and full of taste.

If you love waffles and want to make good ones at home, go out and get the Waring Pro WMK300 Belgian Waffle's $79.99 at Amazon and I got it for that price minus a 20% coupon discount at a local Bed Bath & Beyond store. Waffles will most certainly be on the menu more often at our house!

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  1. c
    ChowFun (derek)

    Thanks for the tip!!..I definitely am in a waffle mood...
    are you saying that Bed Bath and Beyond...will meet Amazon's price...(did you print out a copy of the page to show them?) and then STILL honor their 20% off coupon in addition?!

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    1. re: ChowFun (derek)

      BB&B had it for the same $79.99 price in their latest yes, 20% off in addition made it $64.00...maybe a bit pricey for a waffle maker, but having used it twice already for breakfast for 6 people, I think I am close to getting my money's worth already, as waffles are pretty inexpensive to make ingredient-wise.

    2. I have a General Electric waffle iron that I received as a wedding gift in the late 70's. This poor waffle iron has been moved all over the country and back a few times, yet still makes the best waffles I have ever tasted. I cook them a bit longer than the standard time (when the iron light goes off), and have timed them with my kitchen timer so that I don't have to watch and wait.
      I use the buttermilk waffle recipe in The Joy of Cooking. My husband literally jumps for joy each time I make him waffles for breakfast, which is every Saturday morning!

      1. While Waffle Irons do tend to be slightly dicriminatory, waffles are more determined by the batter than the iron.

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        1. re: Hojo

          I agree wholeheartedly. My favorite waffles are the overnight yeast waffles. No matter who makes them, they come out great!

        2. j
          Jeremy Newel

          I think the quality of the batter has more to do with waffle success than the waffle making machine. Any batter is improved (with the possible exception of overnight yeast batter) by separating the eggs. Beat the yolks in with the liquid ingredients, but beat the whites separately and fold in last. This greatly lightens the finished product.

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          1. re: Jeremy Newel

            I'll second that comment. Whipped egg whites are the trick.

            1. re: Jeremy Newel

              Normally I would agree with you, but I have tried many recipes in 2 or 3 different waffle makers and just couldn't get it right. I think it is a combination of the previous waffle makers not getting hot enough along with the flip over motion...that allows both "sides" to be fully coated without over-filling the batter itself.

              Whatever it is...I am thrilled with the purchase...and my visiting mom says she wants one for well as one to buy for my sister!

            2. I for one do not like the "Big" Belgian sized waffles and prefer the flatter more traditional style irons.

              I come from a long line of Wafflicators, my dad used to by old waffle irons at Yard sales, though I think through the years, one family member or another got electocuted enough times that we threw out all the antiques.

              My all time favorite Waffle Iron is the VillaWare 2001C Uno Classic Waffler 4-Square. Below I have linked to it on Amazon.

              - Very large Waffles. One can feed 2 people so less time waiting for the iron.
              - Cooks both sides very evenly.
              - Traditional American style waffles not the "Big" Belgian style ones.
              - Fancy thermostat feature is actually fairly accurate, but I have been making waffles for so long that I just time it myself.
              - You can make 'em soft, you can make 'em crispy it's all in the timing.

              Anyhow, from someone who takes his waffles quite seriously, as far as I am concerned this is the cadillac of waffle irons, not cheap at $89, but everything I would want in a waffle iron.