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Nov 7, 2004 12:53 PM

non-stick grill pan or cast iron or other for steaks and salmon

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We often cook boneless beef steaks and salmon filets. I have been doing the steak in a Magnalite pan and the salmon in a flat non-stick pan. Both come out pretty good but I would like to improve them both...get a nice char on the outside of the steak, for example. Would the steaks be better cooked in a cast-iron pan? And the salmon in a grill pan (or in cast iron)? I guess I am in the mood to buy a new gadget.....any thoughts? What are the basic uses for cast iron, anyway (I don't do any biscuits or cornbread). Can I grill steaks in a non-stick grill pan and get a good char?

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  1. see my post further up in answer to a poster asking about cooking a steak...think this will help you all means, there is nothing, like an enameled cast iron skillet---creuset is the best.