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Nov 7, 2004 10:50 AM

BBQ Baked Beans

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I hope I'm using this new board correctly... someone correct me if not.

Has anyone done BBQ Baked Beans actually in a BBQ or smoker? Every recipe I find has them baked in an oven, but seems as though you'd be able to get true and deep smoke flavor if you actually cooked them in your bbq with some good smoking wood. Assuming you can keep a pretty regular temperature, seems it wouldn't be much of a problem, no?

Does anyone have experience with this? What kind of adjustments or substitutions should be made to oven recipes if I do it on a bbq?

I guess to get the best flavor, you wouldn't want it covered... other than that, any suggestions or recipes?

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  1. Go here for some good bbq tips. The people that frequent here are world class BBQers, many of them. I've seen a recipe posted there like you describe. You may find it on their recipe search link as well.


    1. What ordinarily gives beans a smoky flavor is adding smoked meat (e.g., ham or a ham bone) to them.