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Nov 7, 2004 09:46 AM

Help Spread the Word About This New Message Board

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Hey, everybody, this new cooking message board will take a lot of the pressure off of the General Topics board, and provide a more concentrated resource for those who want to discuss cooking tips,
cookware and cookbooks

But we're going to have a bit of a moderating nightmare for next few weeks; the moderators are swamped as-is, and it's going to be tough for them to catch cooking threads misposted on General Topics and redirect them quickly - before they start accumulating lots of replies and get more cumbersome to move.

Can I ask hounds to pitch in and give a friendly reminder to hounds starting cooking threads on General Topics that there's now a Home Cooking board for that sort of thing? It'll take a while before everyone notices.

Much appreciated!


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  1. Should we respond to posts from the general board on the home cooking, instead of the general, and redirect these old threads to begin again on the new board? Or, should we just abandon all the old threads on the general topics board, and start new threads on the home cooking? Don't want to duplicate the subject, but also am afraid that if cooking stuff keeps appearing on the general board from previous threads people will keep adding to them, and not transferring them to the cooking board.

    Thanks for the proper instructions so we can make it easier for all....And, thank you so much for this board, great idea!!

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    1. re: Janie

      As for threads already in progress, either way's fine. And, due to Chowhound's high traffic, we don't often get replies to old threads, so we don't see that as a big problem, either.Our major concern is new threads going forward.

      So if you see someone starting a new cooking/cookware/recipe thread on General Topics, please shoot back a friendly request to repost here. Also, please avoid replying to cooking posts on General Topics (your reply will probably wind up deleted, which would be a shame).

      If anyone has further comments/suggestions/questions, please start a thread on Site Talk (you may post a "heads up" here to let people know) so we can keep this board focused on cooking.


    2. This is great. Does this mean that some of the items that used to go to "Not About Food" should now go to "General Topics," such as cookware and equipment discussions?

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      1. re: Buttercup

        Actually, as we mention on the description on this board, cookware discussions now happen here. Kitchen equipment also is discussed here. We wanted to centralize all the discussion about topics that would be of interest to home cooks.

        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          Right. Eaters on General Topics. Cookers here. That's the mantra.