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Nov 7, 2004 02:51 AM

Boneless Short Ribs vs. Short Ribs

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Recently I made a short rib recipe with boneless short ribs instead of regular bone in, as the price was about 17% lower, even leaving out the bone issue. Now, I am a guy who makes a lot of beef stew type recipes with cross-cut shanks, because I like the richness imparted by those large bones as well as the connective tissue present in that cut, but the boneless short ribs came out quite nicely indeed, fairly rich (contained tomato paste, no stock). I don't remember the last time with bone-in short ribs being that much richer.

Any opinions? Different experiences?

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  1. It's always seemed to me that when I try using boneless over bone in that the meat is a little tougher. Probably has something to do with not adjusting my cooking times to a shorter time/lower temp for the boneless.

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      This is slightly (!) off topic, but I made a lamb stew for the first time w/ bone in stew meat, and what a difference. I'd actually never heard of such a thing before, but the meat was so incredibly tender that I plan on converting all meat stews to using bone-in stew meat. And, to try short ribs, which I've not done before!

    2. I've only recently, in the past few years, discovered how utterly delicious short ribs are...and for me, they have to be bone-in, like steaks. Just one of those things for me, call it primal or whatever; I've drastically cut back on my red meat consumption but every now and then, I gotta have these delicious ribs.

      1. I've always cooked short ribs bone-in, but because the meat itself is simply loaded with marbelized fat and collagen, I would not be surprised that it comes out great.

        1. I made braised short ribs this last weekend. My local butcher only had the boneless. I was initially disappointed (and actually asked him if the term 'boneless ribs" was an oxymoran- he said I could call them something else if I wanted) The ribs turned out fantastic though. No adjustment in the recipe was needed (~ 325 degrees for 3 hours after browning on stove) That being said, I missed those bones and will just have to plan ahead and special order next time!

          1. I can get beef short ribs for $1.50/lb and day and they are meaty ones. The problem is that they are cut between the bones so that you end up with one two inch bone. I would prefer them to be cut across the bone so that you have three small bones per serving.

            Great meat for stews as well as a rib dinner.