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Jun 19, 2006 01:11 PM

One-stop kosher shopping near Nassau Colesium

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Is there either 1) a supermarket with a large & fairly complete kosher section (including fresh meats & cheese) or 2) a kosher market with fresh fruits and veggies also available, somewhere close to the Nassau Colesium?

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  1. the closest major Jewish community nearest to the Coliseum is probably West Hempstead. not sure where peopel in that neighborhood do their grocery shopping

    1. The Nassau Coliseum is approximately a 15 minute drive from West Hempstead. West Hempstead has a Kosher butcher shop (J& M ), a Kosher Chinese restaurant (Wing Wan), a Kosher Pizza shop (Hunki's), 2 Kosher Bagel shops (Bagel Craft & Bagel Town) and a Stop & Shop supermarket in Lakeview (next door to West Hempstead) that has a lot of Kosher products. If you need need to find out more specific information about Kosher establishments in West Hempstead, use the link to the Young Israel of West Hempstead.


      1. I believe that Hofstra University (down the road from the Nassau Coliseum) has a kosher dining facility called Mediterranean Market, which is under Kosher supervision. Here is their link:


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          The link for Mediterranean Market is now:
          but they will be closing soon (on Dec. 18?) for winter break and reopening on January 28. It is under the supervision of Rabbi Kelemer from the Young Israel of West Hempstead.

        2. From Nassau Coliseum, travel on Hempstead Turnpike (the road that the Coliseum is located on) to the neighboring town, East Meadow. After you pass the park and the hospital, you will see a Stop&Shop on the left hand side. It is next to the WalMart. There is an entire kosher store-within-a-store that has everything you would possibly want.

          1. A 15 minute drive will take you to the 5 Towns, where you can shop at Brach's (40,000 sq. ft.), Supersol and Gourmet Glatt. In Far Rockaway there is Kosher World.

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              I believe that it would take at least 1/2 an hour to get to Cedarhurst(Gourmet Glatt)without any traffic and another 5-10 minutes to get to Brach's. I am providing this info in case you are in a rush.
              By the way,West Hempstead is the closest large Jewish community to the Coliseum.

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                Definitely 1/2 hour to Brachs (although usually worth the trip). West Hempstead also has Alor, a kosher cheescake and pastry store (diagonally across the street from the kosher pizza).