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any further updates or reviews of nargila (in the old dougie's spot)?

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  1. We were there on Sunday night. I made a reservation. When we got there, they said they don't take reservations for 2 people (but they did seat us). In a nutshell:
    Service - horrendous.
    Food - room temperature at best.
    French fries - soggy

    1. My experience wasn't great either. The food was just ok - not really exciting at all. At least the prizes weren't too bad. I wouldn't rush back though - I'd rather get Ali Baba to go.

        1. Ali Baba is a yemenite place on 85th and Amsterdam. It's generally been very good, but last time I was there, the shawarma was subpar and they forgot the salad and chummus.

          1. I've been there 4 times. They are still working out service kinks but I think the food is very good. I have had fish, burgers and chicken, as well as humus appetizer. All were excellent. And prices are very reasonable.

            1. I did not like it. The service was horrible. it took a few tries to get the server to take our order and then a very long time to bring the food. We literally had to beg them to give us our bill.

              The hot pita on the table is a nice touch though.

              If I want grill on the west side I will hit Deli Kasbah or Alibaba (very delicious)

              1. having revisited this dougie's replacement, i'm convinced it will close down very soon. the service is sooo slow, even when there are 5 waiters and only two tables to wait on at a given time. it takes forever to get water, a check, never mind your order. there will soon be another empty storefront on 72nd street, where kosher restaurants go to die.

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                  Had dinner there this evening and was seated in the back room. It was one of the most awful dining experiences i have ever had. The large tables in the back wwere filled with three or four families with (boruch hashem) at least 6 kids each. It wqas like the lunchroom at Frisch in the 9th grade. Couldn't hear ourselves think. That part was not the restaurants fault, but when we arrived they would not seat us in the front because we did not have a reservation and when we left, most of the front tables were not and semmingly had not been used.

                  They did not seem to care when we voiced moderate consternation!

                  bruce in belle Harbor