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Jun 14, 2006 11:41 AM

LA Kosher Restaurants that also cater

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Hey everyone,

I know there are tons of great kosher places in LA, but how many of them will also cater small-medium sized parties? 20-50 people is what I'm thinking of. I will be in LA soon and so I'd like to check out some of these places.

Thanks in advance.

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    Raquel Schnitzer

    Pat's really is the benchmark. The restaurant is wonderful and they do full service catering.

    1. I live in LA, and I was quite taken aback to read that there are "tons of great kosher places" here. A select few on Pico Blvd. are decent to very good. A handful in The Valley are OK. That's about it. Not exactly tons of greatness IMHO.

      If you know of some hidden gems that I don't, I would be desperately eager to hear about them.

      Oh far as kosher LA catering goes, from my limited experiences I think your choices are pretty much Pat's (excellent) or some of the terrific kosher Persian caterers, whom I don't know by name.

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      1. re: Arthur

        I beg to differ. Or perhaps my palate is simply not as refined. But in my experience, there are many wonderful kosher restaurants in Los Angeles (although I do long for kosher Indian, and desperately miss the kosher Thai place that is now long gone!)

        To respond to the initial post, there are many places in L.A. that cater. Were you thinking milchig or fleishig (or parve)? Platters, buffet, or full-service catering?

        Feel free to email me. (Use "chowhound" in the subject, so I won't think you're spam! ;) )

      2. Judy's does this, I think. I haven't eaten meat for almost 12 years now, but I still remember the meat food being fabulous. More recently, I went to a shabbat lunch there when an acquaintance was getting married, and the vegetarian stuff was quite delicious. Judy's 129 N. La Brea (323) 934-7667

        Brenda Walt also makes great food, I don't know what her party size requirements are though.
        Catering By Brenda 1467 S. Durango (310) 203-8365