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Jun 12, 2006 10:38 PM


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I would appreciate any suggestions for KOSHER (not kosher style but actually KOSHER) meat only restaurants in Detroit. Pricing is NOT an issue. Thank you in advance for your input.

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  1. If you want something nicer than pizza or hamburgers, there's really only one place to go - Milk and Honey. I was just there on Sunday, and while unfortunately the service wasn't up to its usual standard, it was still slightly better than what one gets in Brooklyn, and the food was excellent as usual.


    1. Sorry, I didn't notice that you specified meat. AFAIK the only meat place is the deli formerly known as Subsational, in the Oak Park JCC. (I forget its new name.) It's cafeteria style, so service and decor are nil; the food is OK, but not great.

      My advice is to skip the meat and go to Milk and Honey :-) (No, I'm not an investor, just a very satisfied occasional customer, whenever I'm in Detroit.)

      1. There use to be a restaurant called Grill 173 that was very good but it looks like it is relocating -
        From their web site it looks like they might have taken over the subsation - I would expect it still to be counte5 service -

        there is also BKC 2 Go 15280 W. Lincoln [map]
        Oak Park, phone: (248) 967-5445 which was not bad but is is also counter service


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          Yes, the new "Grill 173" is essentially Subsation with a name change.

          As for BKC, do they even have tables to eat in? I thought it was just "2 Go", as the name implies. In any case, I'm told by people who've tried it not to bother, that the food isn't particularly good, and there's nothing else to recommend it. So far I've taken their advice and not tried it myself, especially since I'm only in Detroit a few times a year.

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          Michigan Mishuganer

          Peretz House (Senior Housing)/JCC in Windsor Ontario used to have a great buffet on Sunday prepared by
          Mazal Tov Kosher Cuisine & catering 1653 Oulette Windsor, Ontario 519-253-935
          Hashgacha : Rabbi Joseph D. Krupnik
          I'd call Peretz House
          (519) 255-7101
          to verify

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          1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

            I would like to report a change to the above message. The phone number is incorrect.
            The correct phone numer is (519)252-0221 or (519)253-9351. Open 6 days a week. Friday and sunday for dinner. They have buffet every first sunday of the month.

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            Marc Jerusalem

            For meat you have 3 choices: Subsation, the cafeteria mentioned before in the Jewish Center; Unique Kosher -a carry out place with about 3 tables; or BKC 2go - a (very) casual sit down place (maybe 6-8 tables)menu sort of like Kosher Delight.