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Jun 8, 2006 01:50 PM

kosher in Niagara Falls

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I'm planning a 3 night trip with my husband to Niagara Falls next month. Is there anything kosher in the area?

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      Allen Nudelman

      sorry there is no longer any kosher facility in the area. however Martin's a very large supermarket on maple drive in amherst has an extensive kosher deli.Carrying both fresh and frozen items it's glat kosher.

      1. There is a full array of options for weekday and shabbat meals and services offered by Chabad Lubavitch of Niagara Falls.

        There is also a new Kosher Pizza Shop which just opened under the supervision of the Lubavitch Shliach.

        Check out

        1. Perfect timing as I am also planning a trip there! I will update you when I return.

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            Unfortunately, the Chabadniks seem to cater meals when it suits them. We tried to order on two consecutive nights. The first we were told, no, can't do it, too many orders. (We ordered at 9 am the previous day.) The second day, we left a message on the answering machine. When we called that afternoon to confirm, they said sorry, can't do it, we have to go out of town.

            There is also a pizza shop and bakery in Niagara Falls now. It was dirty, crowded, and the food was mediocre -- and I mean mediocre -- but it's only been open a month and the owner seems nice, caring and completely overwhelmed. Things may get better. It's under the Buffalo Va'ad.

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              The food at the pizza store is ok, but bear in mind- they do not take credit cards, so bring cash. Also, it's quite expensive, so $20 won't get you too far.

          2. I was just at the pizza store. It was not dirty, and the staff was great--they even made you items off the menu. The food was fresh, but very bland, and there's not much variety if you are going to be there more than one day.