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May 25, 2006 03:27 PM

Meisner's in Brooklyn

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Have read about Meisner's take-out in Brooklyn. They seem to have a few locations. Any advice on which is the best?

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  1. they are also excellent caterers best food for the money and Tuvia is a doll.

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    1. re: mrmoose

      Where is that store located?

      1. re: sman

        2924 Avenue I
        Brooklyn, New York, United States
        11230 718-552-5718

        call first becasue I am not sure if that is their store or their office I know they are right around the corner from each other

        1. re: mrmoose

          Is the food the same in the New Utrecht Ave store? Do the same people run both stores?

    2. Their kugels in particular are superb.

      1. A couple of questions:
        Do they all sell the same food, made from the same recipes?
        Which kugels in particular are recommended?

        1. They catered the dessert Buffet at my sons bat mitzva and it was great. Really great to work with, as a side note. I use the New Utrecht location for take out occasionally and find the good fresh and delicious.

          1. The one in Borough Park always seems better!!!