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May 21, 2006 10:34 PM

Sushan Grill

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I am pleased to report that the Shushan Grill in Highland Park makes a great Schwarma as well as Falafel in an informal setting. It is a welcome change to the local Kosher Food scene. Anyone have further observations?

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  1. They have really good Persian-style chopped meat kabob

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        NJ I am assuming since there is no restaurant called shushan Grill in HP, IL - I have eaten there it is very good - agree with the persian style kabob's I also had the rib steak which also was very good -

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            304 Raritan Ave
            Highland Park, NJ 08904
            phone: (732) 249-0609

            1. re: weinstein5

              Indeed, I was referring to HP NJ.

              Since my original posting, I have been to the Shushan Grill frequently though always for takeout. The schwarma has been regularly well made and I particularly like the mango dressing that comes with.

              One constructive note: while the decor is neat and clean, the place could use an update from its prior life as a local diner. I dont think early american when I think Persian food. (But since Ive never been to Persia - or Iran for that matter, perhaps Im wrong)